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Re: [suse-security] root has no shell

On Wednesday 08 October 2003 16:26, Alin Dobre wrote:
>    Hi,
> here would be a workaround:
> mv /bin/false /bin/false.TEMP
> ln -s /bin/bash /bin/false
> echo "/bin/false" >> /etc/shells
> login as root
> chsh root
> set it to /bin/bash
> *undo /bin/false:
> rm /bin/false
> mv /bin/false.TEMP /bin/false
> *done

Uh-huh.  And what makes you think that a non-root user can go and remove
and symlink files that are located in /bin/ ????        (( ---Oops--- ))


Yes of course I'm sure it's the red cable. I guarante[^%!/+)F#0c|'NO CARRIER

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