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[suse-security] fou4s - Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE 0.10.0

I'm happy to announce the final release of fou4s 0.10.0. For those who do 
not know, this software is meant to be an alternative for YOU (YaST 
OnlineUpdate), especially designed for administrators that need to keep 
many machines up-to-date in a convenient way. But I also use it on my 
desktop machines, so you may do so as well ;-)

Since the last version many things have changed (hopefully, they have 
become better :)
* SuSE 9.0 support
* 2-level caching for even faster updates
* Bandwidth limiting for downloads [--limit]
* Check remote hosts for needed updates, even if fou4s is not installed 
  there (you just need to be able to read the RPM database) [--host]
* More support for foreign updates (packman, ...; hint: use --end!)
* Files that are fully retrieved are no longer tried to be resumed
* The language of the update descriptions can be chosen [--language]
* New output formatting and summary

Because of internal changes, the GpdList option should no longer be used. 
Just add your rsync servers to the Server= list (blank separated or add 
another Server= line) and run fou4s -u, etc as if it were a normal server.

If you are updating to SuSE 9.0, please do a fou4s update FIRST, because 
the old version is not compatible. If you have already upgraded, run
fou4s --auto --checkf -g, to install the new fou4s without signature 
checking (or just install the new fou4s version with rpm -Uvh ...).

As usual, the software can be downloaded from http://fou4s.gaugusch.at/.
Previous fou4s users are notified automatically, if the checkfou4s option 
is set in the cronjob.

have a lot of fun ...
PS: For everyone who has not seen Terminator III: Machines will take over 
the world, if we don't keep our computers protected! 

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