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[suse-security] SuSEfirewall 2 configuration - computer name problem


I saw there was a little discuttion about suse firewall and samba, but I have another problem here.

First of all I'm new in linux, so sorry if I ask stupid things... everyone has to learn right?

I have a server in LAN which is web, mail, db server. Samba is also installed. Everything worked fine, but when I activate suse firewall I cannot see the computer name anymore. I have access with samba, I can ping the server but only with the IP address of the server, not with the name. Shortly the server name is not recognized anymore. I waste a lot of time with this... and I couldn't find the problem. The strange part is that I installed the same configuration under vmware and it works fine. I activated port 53 (domain name) but still doesn't work.

Please advise. 

Thanx in advance.