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[suse-security] Squid Update ?

Hello suse-security,

I have installed the following version on SuSE8.2:

# rpm -q squid

Now, I don´t see any Updates to this package offered by YOU, but when
I look at


There is a new package with version number -73 ?

Does the ftp-distribution use different version-numbers than the CD
distribution in general? Or am I missing something?

The reason I was searching for squid in the first place was that I
wanted to use NT/Samba User Groups for Authentication, but didn´t find
a wb_group.sh or wb_group.pl or wbinfo_group.pl on my system.

What is recommended to get this workingon SuSE8.2?

I found a perl script at


and added the following line to squid.conf:

 external_acl_type nt_group %LOGIN /usr/local/libexec/wbinfo_group.pl

That does the job, but I am not sure if this is the best way?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
 André Sänger                         mailto:Andre.Saenger@xxxxxx
 Landratsamt Coburg

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