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Re[4]: [suse-security] Squid Update ?

Hello Markus,

Thursday, October 23, 2003, 9:59:03 PM, you wrote:

>> So I just tried using wbinfo_group.pl manually.

> we are using this together with several Active directory server for 
> authentication, but i never found an rpm.
> You have to compile a new version of squid (--with-ntlm-auth and 
> --with-wb_group or so...), install a recent samba version, start the 
> winbind server and try it out!

Would it be enough to just compile the wb_group stuff and use the
wb_group binary with the standard squid? So that I could avoid
self-compiling the whole thing every time there is a security-update?

Are there advantages to using the wb_group binary instead of
wbinfo_group.pl (which doesn´t need an additional compile)?

Best regards,
 André                            mailto:Andre.Saenger@xxxxxx

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