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[suse-security] Old question: what is SUSE going to do with harden_suse / Bastille

I find it a little strange that SuSE apparently ignores the need for such an important
tool as the old harden_suse or Bastille.

I still use parts of the old harden_suse (from SuSE 7.3 !!!) just to close the
most apparent problems. The standard SuSE installation is much to open.
My problem is that I'm not capable enough to keep harden_suse up to date 
with all the changes of the new systems.

Now we are on version 9.0, and SuSE has still not included any tools to
replace the old harden_suse. At least they could had updated harden_suse
just so it could run without any modifications.

In SuSE 8.1 they had included bastille. What happened to that. It was gone in
version 8.2, and in 9.0 it's still not there.

Any ideas on what's going on

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