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Re: [suse-security] Cannot access SuSE 9.0 through PuTTY

This might be a simple charset Problem.
Do you use special Characters, such as
§$/$%/%&/( ????
Then try out if authentication works
after chanching PW to AAA.

Just my 2 ct.


Volker Kuhlmann schrieb:
I am trying to access my machine at work with PuTTY (the latest

version) and I keep obtaining "access denied"... though, I can connect
from any machine running Linux... so... what's wrong in this picture?

Security got tighter? Check the tcp wrappers settings, perhaps the host
isn't allowed to connect. root may not be allowed to login by default.
The user you're trying to login as may not be listed as one, or from a
host, which is allowed to login - /etc/ssh/sshd.config.



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