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Re: [suse-security] YOU Woes

> I am having a problem with YOU that I hope someone here can help me
> with.  Essentially, whenever I run YOU I get the error:
> Initialization failed. Try again.
> If failure continues, choose
> another SuSE FTP/HTTP server.
You may want to try fou4s from http://fou4s.gaugusch.at/
It is an alternative implementation of YOU (by me) and should also work
with UnitedLinux. Because this is a business product, you also have to set
SuSEUser and SuSEPassword in /etc/fou4s.conf and probably also
SuSEProduct=UnitedLinux and SuSEVersion=1.0
(I never had a united linux product for testing, so auto-detection may not
work. But if you use it, I can build it in for you).

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