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Re: [suse-security] Old question: what is SUSE going to do with harden_suse / Bastille

* Bo Jacobsen wrote on Sat, Oct 25, 2003 at 16:19 +0200:
> > an interface -- remember W32/Blaster? Each time I set up a
> > SuSE, I get angry about that idiocy. 

I don't think that I tell you anything new or surprising when
telling major Linux-Distries become more and more similar to the
WinWorld in many points, including too fast feature
implementation and increasing security problems. SuSE is not an
exception, but it's a company and sell what most people desire;
that is a XP look-a-like (KDE) with auto-install. Today you'll
find on SuSE's online store price information for licensing by 5
or 10 users or by 2 or 4 CPUs. But the customers seem to want
that this way so SuSE delivers.
> I agree 100%. They need an install option named firewall, or
> some thing like that, that leaves out ANY stuff that should not
> run on a firewall. I actually find it a little strange that
> they have not implemented that a long time ago, since security
> has been a hot topic for a long time now.

They do have:

You can also get a Training, maybe you can even get a SCSE (SuSE
Certified Security Engeneer) or something.



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