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Re[10]: [suse-security] Squid Update ?

On Oct 28, André Sänger <Andre.Saenger@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Is it possible to migrate an NT Domain to a Samba/Ldap SuSE Linux Server
> yet - without having to touch the clients? Can I replicate the accounts
> like NT PDC/BDCs do for the case the main Samba/LDAP Server goes down?
You can use the BDC feature of samba 3.0 to copy the accounts from a
Windows PDC to a samba machine (warning: samba doesn't work as PDC for
windows, it can only suck the account data).
Then you can use the samba machine as PDC. You can also put up a second
samba machine as BDC, as soon as the master is also running samba.

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