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Re: [suse-security] Problems with secure socket layer on email server.

> I am fairly new to linux and suse but I am trying to set up 8.2 pro as a 
> mail server.  I have recieved all of the updates.  and found this in the 
> documentation to create forward listeners
> ssl -L 25:myserver:25 myserver
> ssl -L 110:myserver:110 myserver
You either mean ssh (secure shell), which is used with the above syntax:
ssh -L 25:myserver:25 myserver


You want to use stunnel and forward requests to port 995 on your server to 
the local port 110: stunnel has to be configured in /etc/inetd.conf like 

pop3s           stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/stunnel stunnel -r localhost:110

(you may need to install and start inetd as it is not installed per 

Secure mail transfer is a bit trickier, because it always uses port 25.

At least it is a good idea trying to use encryption, even if you have 
problems to configure it! 

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