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Re: [suse-security] Audiostream caching

/ 2003-10-27 19:27:03 +0100
\ Kaiser, Hans:
> I'm searching for a possiblity to cache a realaudio, mp3 and/or a
> windowsmedia audio stream.
> The intension, is to reduce the traffic in the lan, because many guys hear
> the same stream (radiostation) in our house. Now it would be nice, if a
> proxy, or any other chaching instance would load the stream, and store it in
> a cache. So the guys could connect to the local streamingserver to hear the
> cached stream.

since I did not see an answer...
I don't know a lot about those streaming protocols.
but if the stream is available as multicast/broadcast, you "just"
need to route that, and your applications receive it. then its
only transfered once by design, regardless of the number of
clients listening.

if it is peer to peer, (which would be pretty bad design for a
radiostation broadcast), you cannot do anything to reduce the the
load in the lan, but you could add some content modifying proxy,
to reduce load for your uplink, and multiplex it to your lan
clients, or multicast/broadcast it locally if the clients
are able to receive mc/bc.


	Lars Ellenberg

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