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RE: [suse-security] Audiostream caching

> / 2003-10-27 19:27:03 +0100
> \ Kaiser, Hans:
> > I'm searching for a possiblity to cache a realaudio, mp3 and/or a
> > windowsmedia audio stream.
> > The intension, is to reduce the traffic in the lan, because
> many guys hear
> > the same stream (radiostation) in our house. Now it would be nice, if a
> > proxy, or any other chaching instance would load the stream,
> and store it in
> > a cache. So the guys could connect to the local streamingserver
> to hear the
> > cached stream.
> since I did not see an answer...
> I don't know a lot about those streaming protocols.
> but if the stream is available as multicast/broadcast, you "just"
> need to route that, and your applications receive it. then its
> only transfered once by design, regardless of the number of
> clients listening.
> if it is peer to peer, (which would be pretty bad design for a
> radiostation broadcast), you cannot do anything to reduce the the
> load in the lan, but you could add some content modifying proxy,
> to reduce load for your uplink, and multiplex it to your lan
> clients, or multicast/broadcast it locally if the clients
> are able to receive mc/bc.

Hi Lars,

many thanks for your answer, okay afak are the radiostations no multicast

Maybe i explained my situation wrong.
I search for something like this:
I have a virtual MP3-Player, which is able to store the stream of the
radiostation in a cache. Now my clients on the lan connect to this
virtual-player, which itself is able to stream itself the cached stream. For
this, no routing, and so on would be necessary, because it should be a
application running on any machine not used for production.

Any ideas?

best regards

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