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[suse-security] OT: PHP and Apache in Enterprise version 9.0

Off Topic:

Sorry for sending this message to this list; however, I have seen a lot
Of helpful people here.

My problem:

If I load Apache 2 in Enterprise version 9.0, PHP 4 module says to be
"enabled" even if the packages for it are not installed.  In the past,
When the module was turned on, YaST would tell you the package was not
Installed and ask to install it.

Now, it does not; it just says "enabled"

If I toggle the module between enabled and disabled; it still won't ask
To install anything.

If you install the packages by hand, it will not run the PHP script,
And will try to download it to the client.

I have tried modifying the configuration files by hand, and that does
Not seem to help either...

Does anybody have Enterprise version 9.0 running with Apache and PHP;
And if so, how did you do it?

Beforehand, I appreciate your help in this matter.

Best regards,

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