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[suse-security] Kernel update (2.6.5-7.108-default not installing via YAST)

Platform SuSE 9.1, trying to do a YAST update to get the new kernel. I have
the default kernel, kernel-docs, and kernel-source installed.

YAST starts downloading the files (I see them show up in the
/var/lib/YAST2..../rpm folder) but when it starts installing, it simply
fails. All the log really shows is "ERROR(You:rpm failed.)" followed by the
kernel package(s).

I have manually downloaded and installed these packages directly with
rpm -Uvh, and they installed fine. I've also selected several different
update source sites. They all do the same.

I know the kernel's updated, uname shows the proper kernel, and I know this
takes care of the update issue at the moment, but I'd really like to have
YaST/YOU be able to take care of the updates.


Steve Kratz

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