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Re: [suse-security] SUSE Security Announcement: kernel (SUSE-SA:2004:028)

Rene Gallati wrote:
> Well never say never, there may yet be some master bug 
> forcing a version 
> jump. Or what was the reason that there was a switch from 2.6.4 (SuSE 
> 9.1 default installation) to the current 2.6.5 version ?
> It's not that I absolutely must have a SuSE kernel for 9.1, I 
> can install and patch it myself, but somehow I always feel 
> safer using a 
> SuSE kernel (odd I know :) ) There is just one disconcerting 
> problem I 
> have on a box at a customer and potentially may fix it for me 
> because there were some changes in the involved driver.

Be aware that 2.6.8 and also will kill CD-burning 
and ripping (at least for non-Root Users).

There was/is a lot of discussion about that in suse-linux / 

So it doesn't matter which Kernel you choose: There will be some
problems with each Kernel. Mayby your hardware/software is affected; 
maybe not. But definitly each of them has bugs.


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