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[suse-security] apache problem very urgent

Dear all,

 I am having a strang problem. I found that in apache error log that a
lots of error messages are coming telling that the files
b.jpg,5.jpg,6.jpg are not finding. This has nothing to do with that
domain (or that document root path) as if i remove this virtual host
from apache the same error comes for other domain( i.g showing another
path for above missing files) and it goes on.
  I tried to check for comman ips but i was unable to get it(i tried
for around 2000 to 2500 ip's). At the same time i get unique visitors
for a site (in awstats) are very less. This very strang and it is
increasing data tranfer. (around 1GB in last four day's)

 I having a suse 8.2 with apache 1.3.27(through rpm) I already updated
system for patches.

 So help me to solve out this problem as early as possible.

Ramchandra Dhupkar

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