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[suse-security] Help SuSEfirewall2 / ifup / kernel 2.6

This morning one of our firewall machines got reboot after a power failure. 
After startup we were not able to remotely login: For some reason eth0 
(internal) and eth1 (external) got mixed up. 

Until SuSE 9.0 yast created for each interface a file named
ifcfg-eth0, ifcfg-eth1 etc. SuSE 9.1 uses something like 
ifcfg-eth-id-00:0d:87:74:21:f3, ifcfg-eth-id-00:0d:87:74:21:f4 - ifconfig 
shows eth0 and eth1 though.

My silly question is: How does ifup know on bootup which of these interfaces 
should be eth0 or eth1? Do I have to add a line like ETHERDEVICE=eth0 in 
ifcfg-eth-id-00:0d:87:74:21:f3 ? 

Thanks a lot


CaribeNet S.A. - Cartagena - Colombia

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