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[suse-security] Using 9.1 as Bridgin Firewall

OS: SuSE 9.1 with latest patches

I found the thread on using SuSE as a bridging firewall earlier this year 
but seem to be stuck.

Topology: 	Internet Side:	xxx.xxx.xxx.1	(Default Gateway)
		(Cisco router)

Bridge:		Defined bridge xxx.xxx.xxx.10 adding eth0 (connected to .1)
		and eth1 (LAN side). Default route defined as xxx.xxx.xxx.1

LAN Side:	Test system xxx.xxx.xxx.29

I can ping .1, .10 and .29 from the bridge system and even surf the 
internet, etc. I can ping the bridge (.10) from the LAN side (.29) but 
cannot ping the gateway (.1). At this point there are no iptables rules in 
effect (iptables -L shows nothing) and SuSEfirewall2 is disabled.

I have downloaded shorewall 2.0.8 and bridge-utils (from SuSE 9.1 CDs)
but seem to be missing some thing here.

Goal: Use the bridging firewall between a Cisco router and the rest of our 
networks to detect/defeat syn flood and smurf attacks. Cisco wants $US 
2K/router for the enterprise version of their software to do this (times 4 
routers!) which is a major outlay for a small ISP, hence urgency of 
getting this to work. (I have a bottom of the line MultiTech RF550VPN on 
one of the LAN side systems and even it has no problem stopping these 
attacks on the one system - we just need to duplicate this protection on 
several subnets.)

Thank you,
Lucky Leavell

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