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Re: [suse-security] SUSE 9.0 Pro Production Quality?

Just to sort of hop in here and piss off the Debian lovers, but you do know 
Linux is a Kernel right? My SUSE box is solid is a rock, and never slows 
down. How would Debian be more stable? I've used both and I stick with SUSE 
and Slackware. 

I don't like Gentoo either. Debian and Gentoo are like the only two Linux 
Distros out that have ever had their servers broken into.

On Friday 10 September 2004 05:13, Philippe Vogel wrote:
>  >>> I had a discussion with my local LUG and a member had some interesting
>  >>> threads to share.  Basically it showed that SUSE 9.0 is not really
> a production level version.  For production level use, it is recommended
>  >>> to go with the Enterprise version of SUSE.  Has other people got
> this impression?  My concern is that my company can't afford to purchase
>  >>> any more software at this time so would I be better off looking at
>  >>> something like Debian?  I know this is kind of off topic, but
>  >>> basically I am curious if 9.0 Pro is secure and stable enough for my
>  >>> organization needs.
> Debian is always a good choice if you use stable tree of the
> distribution. Fresh ISO's can be downloaded for free. Before Debian is
> released it is well tested. If the security-team thinks some stuff is
> not stable it get's off the stable tree. This means you got to get this
> software from somewhere different and then the system is not anymore a
> stable distribution. Stable means tested stable (= secure). Testing
> means beta-packages.
> Gentoo is a good choice if you want to have a fast and stable system,
> but it means much more work to do and is intended for peolpe with more
> linux-knowledge. All packages are compiled by hand and this is a reason
> why the distribution last longer for installing (you can choose how much
> you want to compile or if you use pre-compiled packages). All packages
> you compile gain a performanceboost, because they are compiled for your
> hardware. Because you get sourcepackages you always get the latest
> software. Gentoo is free for download.
> If you are not experienced enough you use SLES and gain the benefits of
> the mentenance included in the price.
> So it's your choice if you want a stable, fast or easy to configure
> distribution. The security depends always on the person behind the
> monitor (not on the distribution). I would choose debian with a 2.4.x
> kernel (it installs only needed packages - no commend to that :)).
>  >> Sometimes I have the impression that the SuSE Professional releases are
>  >> beta (and light) versions of the next SLES version.... Maybe I am wrong
>  >> but this is a huge IMHO.
>  >
>  > The focus of SUSE Professional are experienced (home and development)
> users.
>  > If you need business strength software for production use, SUSE Linux
> Enterprise
>  > Server is more suited for you.
>  >
>  > Ciao, Marcus
> That's not an impression. SLES is always based on the latest stable
> release of a SuSE distribution (for SLES 8 if may be 8.1).
> The stable distributions are always not ending with a "0" after the
> point. This were 7.3 and 8.1 afaik and were used by SLES 7 and 8. So
> maybe 9.1 will not be used for SLES 9, because it's the first distro
> with 2.6.x kernel. Based on my experience only the first stable release
> of a SuSE distribution is used for SLES.
> One advantage of SLES is the mentenance and supportweb, the other is a
> more configureable yast-version with much more options, than in the Pro
> version (which makes a difference in the price). Another difference is
> the certification of hardware which runs with the distributions. This is
> sometimes altered by the bad quality of the latest updates.
> I didn't right now test SLES 8.0 - a reseller I know got it, but I
> didn't test it right now. I tested and installed SuSE Office Server for
> him and was disappointed because of missing packages (for a small office
> as firewall and samba/printserver it is o.k., but not for more). If I
> buy such software (which is more expensive, than Pro) I want to have the
> same functionality than the pro-version plus the benefits of mentenance.
> If I get less I spent to much money for things I by myself can do by
> hand on the pro-version with even more packages on the list.
> Philippe

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