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Re: [suse-security] SUSE 9.0 Pro Production Quality?

Vakvarju wrote:
On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 10:22:21 +0200
Marcus Meissner <meissner@xxxxxxx> wrote:

The focus of SUSE Professional are experienced (home and development)

If you need business strength software for production use, SUSE Linux
Enterprise Server is more suited for you.

Ciao, Marcus

Yep.. that's why I use SuSe Linux Professional in production environment
since version 7.0. Sometimes I find a release less suitable for
production purposes (for example this was the case with 7.3 and 9.0.. I
did not try the 9.1 yet).

My experiences have been the opposite. The 7.3 release was long enough ago I don't have many memories of it, (to much sleep :-) but I remember it as being quite stable, unlike 7.0 or was it 7.1?

Anyway, I admin nearly 20 desktops running 9.0pro, all used for development of a very large java app. I've had nothing but good reports from all of the developers. And the developers pound the machines with lots of apps including the resource hog VMware. Between the loaded boxes I got them and 9.0pro, they think I'm a hero. :-)

On the flip side, we've put 9.1pro on a few machines as a trial and had very mixed results. Some machines worked great, some had missing drivers, or drivers that didn't work well. I can chalk that up to the new 2.6 kernel and new driver model they're using. So we'll wait for for 9.2pro before we upgrade people again.

I had to possibility to test SLES 8 for iSeries and pSeries (which was
made on the basis of v8.1 I think) and the result was satisfying.

We have a few SLES-8 servers that have worked quite well. The only downside to them is that I've had to hand install a few packages because the developers require newer versions of a few of the tools than SLES-8 delivers. Not hard to deal with, but it's something you have to allow for. We're about to buy a SLES-9 to try it out.

But back to the original question for Eric, 9.0pro is ready for "production" (which to me means it *has* to work every day). OTOH, if by production you mean "bet the company on" and where you need support, get a SLES. That will get you support that Debian won't have.


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