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Re: [suse-security] SUSE 9.0 Pro Production Quality?

I agree, I was referring more to apt-get on a Debian box. I generally don't like using other package management systems on a production box.

Mark Tinka wrote:

--- Eric Kahklen <eric@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The reason I mentioned apt-get was that from what
I've read and heard, it provides a very consistent and stable package
management system...

quite the contrary, i think.. i've had the opportunity
to use apt-get earlier in the year, to upgrade my 8.2
laptop with some later packages.. it broke a lot of
stuff in KDE.. including OpenOffice, MPlayer, Kmail
e.t.c... i could go on..

for a production system, i wouldn't recommend apt..
while it looks attractive because the more recent
packages, i'd prefer sticking with the updates SuSE
have seriously audited and adapted for the current
system you are running.. it's a huge risk to use apt
for your production system.. the last thing you want
running is the latest Linux-2.6 kernel unchecked by

as for workstations, if you use Linux (and not vendor
W) as your primary daily work tool, i wouldn't
recommend apt either, except for very specific
packages.. problem with apt is that it may have
several dependencies that may cause the system to
use apt on a box you just play with, at home or
something.. or maybe where it's built for, Debian.. i
wouldn't touch it on my SuSE boxes..


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