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[suse-security] Fou4s 0.12.0 released!

I'm glad to announce Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE (fou4s) 0.12.0.

Many months have passed since the last version came out, mostly because I'm going to school again, in addition to my daily job. Right now, just before school starts again, I've (hopefully) fixed the most annoying bugs and added some nice features. These are the official release notes.

The bad news first:
* If root starts fou4s in an untrusted directory, the "SuSE-release"
  script would be executed from that directory. This is fixed now
* Some updates were missed (scripts), and unfortunately I just
  discovered, that mysql updates from August were also missed on SuSE 9.0.

Now the good news:
* Fou4s will do a fully automatic backup of your old kernel. It will be
  named /boot/vmlinuz.fou4s. This backup is independent from the RPM
  package and must be deleted manually if it is not needed any more.
  You also have to add an appropriate lilo.conf/grub menu entry by hand,
  but fou4s will remind you to do so.
  Of course this feature can also be disabled in fou4s.conf
* Remind to reboot after doing a kernel update (works even if you updated
  your kernel with YOU :)
* Remote host functionality improved (export scripts and kernels)
* A Nagios check script (by William Jacqmein)

What else?
* Fou4s is no longer on the AutoList in the default configuration.
  Previously, you had to install a cronjob manually and edit it to fit
  your needs. Now you can use the --cronserver or --cronworkstation
  commands and you probably won't look inside the cronjob files. Therefore
  I decided to remove the self-update feature. Existing installations
  won't be affected, though.
* Support for user/password in urls (e.g. ftp://user:pass@mymirror/suse)
* No longer run SuSEconfig with GID fou4s

This release will probably be the last before 1.0 (ok, probably 0.12.1 will be released with some minor fixes that usually come out after a release). My TODO list is nearly empty :)

Last words: If you sent me a mail during the last months and your bug(-fix) is not included with this release, please contact me again. I was very busy and probably just overlooked it.

Thank you for your attention
Markus Gaugusch

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