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Re: [suse-security] connecting 2 machine via internet

Hi Giovanni,

> client (192.168.0.x) ----- NAT/ADSL(Router static ip) ---- Server 
> (Suse9.1pro with static IP)
> My final purpose is to be able to login on the client suse box.
--> One way to do this would be to make the client connect to the 
server by SSH and tunnel the port 5900 from the client to the 
server port 5901. Then setup a VNC server on the client. If you 
connect with "vncviewer" on the server to port 5901, you will get the 
screen of the client. 

> I also would like to support multiple clients and the connection
> on client side should be established without user intervention.
For multiple client, tunnel port client1:5900 to server:5901, 
client2:5900 to server:5902, ...

The vncserver can be started at boot-time via the /etc/init.d
scripts. I would make a custom startup script /etc/init.d/MyStartUp
to initiate the SSH connection and check in regular intervals whether 
the connection is still running. If it has been broken due to 
re-connection of the ADSL router, the SSH connection has to be 


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