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[suse-security] Postfix Backscatter


my postfix-Mailserver on a SuSE9.1 system ist flooded by backscatter
mails which are undeliverable (random addresses).

At the moment it is nearly impossible to sent a mail to this system.
Yesterday it handled (rejected) about 12.000 of such mails. 

This seems to be too slow.

So i changed my configuration setting:
smtpd_error_sleep_time = 0,
stopped all RBL usage
increased the number of smtp processes from 2 to 80.

Now my system seems to handle about 40.000/day but this is not enough,
there is still only a small chance to send a normal mail.

Is there any chance to optimize postfix so that it can handle much more
mails/connections each day? 
Or any other idea to solve such backscatter problems?


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