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Re: [suse-security] Postfix Backscatter

Uwe Debacher wrote:

At the moment it is nearly impossible to sent a mail to this system.
Yesterday it handled (rejected) about 12.000 of such mails.

Sounds much but it isn't really (see below)

This seems to be too slow.

Looks like, yeah.

So i changed my configuration setting:
smtpd_error_sleep_time = 0,
stopped all RBL usage
increased the number of smtp processes from 2 to 80.

Now my system seems to handle about 40.000/day but this is not enough,
there is still only a small chance to send a normal mail.

Is there any chance to optimize postfix so that it can handle much more
mails/connections each day?

What Hardware and Setup do you use? Virtual Users? Database
Backends? Spamassassin/amavis? Today (which is 12 hours now)
we got over 32000 Mailconnects and a tons of rejects, too.
While a wave of spam last month we had around 160.000 rejected
mails per day without any Problem. So there may be a bottleneck
somewhere else. Possible Problems: Database lookups, to much
RBL Lists, PCRE/REGEXP header, body or mimechecks etc. or
maybe bad hardware. If possible a post of postconf -n would
be nice, too.


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