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Re: [suse-security] Postfix Backscatter

Uwe Debacher wrote:

Am Mi, den 22.09.2004 schrieb Sven 'Darkman' Michels um 12:50:

What Hardware and Setup do you use? Virtual Users? Database

it is a standard SuSE9.1 system only with real (Linux) users.

the hardware memory/processor should be good enough. PC Hardware
(500MByte/5000bogomips) and the WAN connectivity is about 5MBit.

Backends? Spamassassin/amavis? Today (which is 12 hours now)

i am using amavis/antivir but because there is no mail-body there is no
activity of amavis

we got over 32000 Mailconnects and a tons of rejects, too.
While a wave of spam last month we had around 160.000 rejected
mails per day without any Problem. So there may be a bottleneck

this is what i am searching for

You did read http://www.postfix.org/BACKSCATTER_README.html did you ?

It can be easily found by googling for "postfix backscatter"



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