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Re: [suse-security] Shorewall, what version R U running


Am reading through the extensive documentation, some 400 pages.

There are a lot of versions, with at least 2.9 being not yet stable.

What version are you running with 64 bit?  I downloaded 2.8 rpm, but
there is a patch and no instructions on what to do with it?  If you have
done this one, did you patch, and if so how?


On Sat, 2004-09-25 at 22:33, John Andersen wrote:
> On Saturday 25 September 2004 02:02 pm, melissad wrote:
> > Am reading the docs on iptables now.  It seems then that I have what I
> > need for the interfaces.  I will reconfigure the Cisco router behind
> > that and play with some connectivity.
> www.shorewall.net
> Makes Iptables easy, and much more flexible than 
> the SuSE firewall.
> You may find you don't need the cisco anymore
> and can hook the SuSE box directly to the internet.

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