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[suse-security] IPSEC Openswan firewalling

Dear all,

	I have a linux box with suse 9.1 distro and I have set-up an ipsec tunnel 
using Openswan with a PIX 515. Of course there is no ipsec0 interface because 
of the 2.6 kernel. 
	I am using my own application which is dealing with tcp sockets. The 
application is working fine through the ipsec tunnel. The problem I have is 
that I cannot put any firewalling regarding my tcp ports beacuse there is no 
ipsec0 interface to apply iptables, which means that if someone puts a linux 
box on my hub(where my linux box is), he can access my tcp listening ports, 
even though my tunnel is established.

How can I prevent this? 

What can I do? I have not used at all racoon,setkey etc..  
Only Openswan.

Thanks in advance,
Dimitris Stamatoulis

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