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Re: [suse-security] re: strange but true

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 10:59:30 +0300 (EAT), Noah Sematimba <sematin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Logged off, or Turned off?  Makes a big difference.
> Many nics nowdays are always hot, so that you can
> use wake-on-lan.  But they should not make an outgoing
> connection.

Um, Logged off, Can they do that while logged off?
Thankyou for your reply

I've seen many MS windows machines make outgoing connections even when
logged off especially if they have spyware or some kind of malware
installed on them.

For a unix/linux machine, there are many possibilities including scheduled
cron/ AT jobs, daemons listening in the background that need some kind of
connectivity etc...


Thankyou for your reply.
                        Yes i know that is true with linux but
it seems that it is MS that is causing the offending here, I know this
is suse-security but is there anything you could suggest to find out why
this is happening, I will be changing over to suse but to be able to
show my boss how MS is the cause would help in the move over to suse.
Also i seem to not be able to use suse at home as a firewall/router
I have two suse 9.1 and i want to use suse(box 1) eth0=cable modem to
eth1=(suse2) but i caint seem to share inet access? Is there ICS for suse?
i caint find even a setting for it?
could you help me with this?
thankyou if you can + thankyou if ya caint, lol


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