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Re: [suse-security] re: strange but true

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 06:57 pm, Ben wrote:
> On Mon, 27 Sep 2004 23:45:01 -0800, John Andersen <jsa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I have set up another SuSE as a firewall to another node
> on the network and they are so impressed i nearly have the go
> ahead to convert the lot to SuSE. But to find out why this
> logged off problem is happening would help me explain to them
> why this has happend. Could it be a fault in the hardware or
> something like a false positive/reading???

Just because the user is logged off does not mean the computer
is doing nothing.  Both Windows and Linux have dozens of programs
running even when all users are logged off.

If you want them off POWER THEM DOWN.

Any number of things can be going on...
Checking for updates
Renewing their dynamic IPs
Synchronizing clocks
Electing Browse masters
Answering ARP requests..
Spewing Spam from a spam bot...
--- The list goes on and on...

If the machine is on, its doing something, if you don't like that
you have to turn it off.  Power down. Pull the plug.

Ben, I'm a little worried about you.  You talk like you are setting
up your own IT department but then you come with a question
like this...  Scares me!  

John Andersen

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