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Re: [suse-security] Automated kernel updates

On Sep 30, Andreas Haupt <andreas.haupt@xxxxxx> wrote:


I plan to recheck SuSE's security updates before installing them on the
machines. "Normal" packages are easy. I just imitate an update mirror
with just links in it. If a link exists the corresponding patch will be
installed. This way I can use SuSE's online_update.

Kernel updates on the other hand should just be installed when the system
is going down. Furthermore I want the last working kernel not to be
deinstalled when the new kernel is being installed. "rpm -i" would do
this for me so I have vmlinuz (new kernel) and vmlinuz.previous (last
working kernel) later on.

I think you want to look at my project: Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE (fou4s)

It sends you email notification for all updates, downloads them automatically and installation is just at your fingertips.
Kernels are automatically backup'ed (vmlinuz.fou4s).

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