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Re: [suse-security] Automated kernel updates

On Sep 30, Andreas Haupt <andreas.haupt@xxxxxx> wrote:

Markus Gaugusch wrote:
I think you want to look at my project: Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE
(fou4s) http://fou4s.gaugusch.at/

It sends you email notification for all updates, downloads them
automatically and installation is just at your fingertips.
Kernels are automatically backup'ed (vmlinuz.fou4s).

Looks nice! But I have a little problem: It seems that you can only use
ftp/http/rsync server to load the patches from. A (nfs) directory like
in /etc/suseservers (dir://<directory>) doesn't seem to work.

You can mount the directory containing the patches to /var/cache/fou4s/packages (or set RpmDir in /etc/fou4s.conf)

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