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Re: [suse-security] [Genera] Rules for firewall?

To be quite honest, you have your work cut out for you, and i'm not so certain you can do Everything you've listed, but from the looks of it it's the life long goal of every SuSE administrator ;) good luck and keep us posted on this topic.  I'm not gonna be the first to respond to answering because I don't believe i'm fully qualified for all this put together........yet :P  I'd read everything I could get my hands on, if you can at least configure all your services to work, I'd memorize the general Iptables docs on the web and see what you can find there first.  It also looks like you need to do some custom VLAN's and routing configs 
Oh and this would make a terrific Doc when its all finished *cough*

Rikard Johnels <rikjoh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:Hi all!
I dont know if this is the right list, but here goes.

I am fairly new to firewalling and iptables.
I have a setup as follows:

firewall: red eth0 external interface (adsl, dhcp)
yellow eth1 dmz interface
green eth2 internal interface 

On dmz is a combined server running
web/ mysql/ ftp/ caching dns/ time/ outgoing mail and nfs server
I only want web/ftp to be available from red

All other services is for green (and yellow) network

I have several machines on green (So i guess i want NAT there)
One Linux server with NFS
Three linux ones running gnomemeeting amsn and licq
Two windows ones running Netmeeting, MSN, ICQ
All machines run bittorrent, limewire and dc++

I want ssh access to all boxes
I want to be able to run all communicationservices from arbitrary box.
All internal boxes shall use time/ dns/ outgoing mail om the dmz server

The firewall is to be locked down for user login only via ssh.
Anything to be done is sudo'ne 
(note to self, find out how to lock ssh to userlogin only) 
But i want access from red to firewall so i can "jump" to green and yellow if 

I want as full access as possible from green to red

I have read the SuSEFirewall2 docs in /usr/share/docs/packages/SuSEFirewall2
but i cant figure it out..
What so set, what to add/remove..

Any pointers on where to start learning?
Any pointers on how to set it up?


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